Managing Expectations

Managing expectations prior to your guests arriving is one of the largest problems for hoteliers and independent vacation home owners.


Everyone has different standards and
we all believe that our own are right.


Whether they are or not, is dependent on the person making the comparison. And this is the conundrum because you will never know until it is too late.


The only way to manage expectations, is to be honest.


Managing Expectations Correctly

Identify our USP (Unique Selling Point) and run with your strengths. At the same time do not hide away from things which might be perceived as your negatives.

You have a great chef who uses local organic ingredients to create fantastic food.
You are in the back of beyond and your Wi-Fi connection is lousy – which makes it the perfect getaway to read a book.
There is nothing to do for children – which means that parents should come prepared or stay away.

Make this known to the client that your business is ideal for quiet nights away in a beautiful setting. A place where you can enjoy relax in the mature gardens during the day and dine on great food in the evening.


In a world of customer reviews your business needs to be transparent. Being honest about your business is paramount to managing guest expectations.

What else you need to be doing

You should always tell your guests if:

  • your are doing renovations
  • the water or electric are not always reliable
  • the connection speed of your internet
  • are there any additional charges
  • will they need special clothing
  • if you have a large party booked in who could be noisy
  • there is building work next door or nearby


You should also be telling them about the positive things going on:

  • local fairs –
  • is it migration season – birds, animals etc.
  • are there any big events going on – sporting, cultural or otherwise
    how close you are to local attractions

If you manage your clients expectations before they arrive, they know exactly what they are going to experience. If you have done your job correctly you will see an increase in referrals and re-bookings.