Global Network

A global network of professional hoteliers and rental property owners working together. It is probably the only way to tackle the Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) that are currently running riot with your profits.

Many of you in the industry will still like to get away and enjoy your own vacation. This may mean closing down for a few weeks or leaving staff in charge. At this point you become the prospective client for another business in another town, area or country. Guess what, you probably run into the same booking issues and unmet expectations that your read about online.

Doesn’t it make sense to be an owner who is part of a global network. An owner who uses the same global network when you are the client? Of course it does! It breeds belief in a network and the more you use it, the more it makes sense to use it. After all when you are the client looking to book accommodation, you will be looking for exactly the same things as everyone else. A business that does what it says it does without any melodrama or broken promises.

As a member of a Global Brand, you will be able to give and receive recommendations with the knowledge that the client will be taken care of. Being part of a Global Brand means being partly responsible for the reputation of the brand. It is not necessarily your brand or your business but you will treat it as though it is.