Guest Marketing

Your Guest Marketing is absolutely key in today’s ‘instant’ world. Why do OTA’s manage to supply so many bookings? Because they are on the front page of the search engines and they know how to create urgency!


You can too. You can play them at their own game and win.


Many owners have attractive websites for their guest marketing, which ‘sell’ their accommodation. The problem is that just having a ‘shop window’ is not a guarantee of success if no one knows where it is. By Advertising with Serious Sleeps we can provide your clients with a simple ‘click direction’ on how to find you.

The OTA’s spend a colossal amount on advertising each month and no individual owner could ever compete with them. Serious Sleeps can be your one-stop solution to competing with these behemoths.

The OTA’s also know how to create sufficient urgency so that guests press that button and make a booking. We can create similar urgency at a fraction of the price and hopefully generate a solid supply of bookings for your business.

One of the primary tools that the OTA’s use, is the constant barrage of emails to users. We understand that the vast majority of accommodation owners have no knowledge of this type of marketing. Learning it is something that you are probably unable to dedicate the time or financial resources to. We are able to assist owners with this in order to improve your guest marketing.