Peer Reviewed

This section is about why being peer reviewed makes so much sense, both for owners and guests.

We all believe that our properties are wonderfully presented, spotlessly clean and worth every penny. Here lies the problem. Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees!

As much as possible we try and visit each and every business which becomes at member of Serious Sleeps. We also encourage our owners to review other establishments when they are traveling. This could be used to offer a friendly ‘opinion’ about how the description of the property meets reality. We understand that this may feel a little awkward for some, but it is a very practical exercise. Think of it as a free, professional audit which can help you to improve your business. It can also encourage you to build and strengthen your business network.

The referral of like minded business owners is part of the brand’s growth plan. The more establishments that join the brand, the stronger we become as a group.


One key item which we would like to implement::

When a business is referred to us, we will include the name / link of the referring party. This form of network building shows your guests, that with any referral you provide, you are happy to be associated with that business. Owners can refer businesses in any category of accommodation. All that we ask is that the proposed referral meets our criteria of openness and honesty regarding the description of the business.

Our belief is that by associating your reputation of integrity to another business, this will nurture a network of honesty amongst owners and paying guests.


Meeting and exceeding your guest expectations is our ultimate goal.


We feel that we owe it to our owners and your future guests that what they see online is a true representation of what they will experience when they stay with you. By establishing honesty where others have failed, we can build confidence as a group which in turn benefits the whole brand.