Self Catering

Which kind of properties are self catering and what does that mean?

Self catering is more like a home from home. You will have a kitchen and cooking appliances and everything you will need to cook for your family or group. Many of our properties are high-end luxury properties which are just waiting for you and your group to arrive. A quick trip to the grocery store and you will have everything that you require for your stay. We also have a selection of back to basics, honest accommodations.


Self Catering Accommodation Types


vacation homes and holiday homesVacation Homes or Holiday Homes


Pool homes, villas, farm cottages, mansions, chateaux and pretty much every other kind of detached property can be included.





Townhomes or townhouses are typically attached or semi-detached homes which form a row of homes. Some have communal gardens and pools whereas those located in the middle of a city could be more limited when it comes to onsite amenities.





Condos in the U.S and Canada are typically called apartments in the rest of the world. These are independent accommodations which are typically part of a block. It could be a low-rise block or a tower block or anything in between even just a couple of rooms in a converted house.



Less Traditional Self Catering Options


Gites Less Traditional Self Catering OptionsGites

A gite is a short term and self catering accommodation rental for families in France. The gite could be an apartment, a house or a cottage. Most gites are self catering. The owners could also provide extra services such as cleaning services, bed sheets. They may also provide activities such as local tours, yoga classes and weekend retreats.


Camping, glamping, hostals and bunkhouses

Whether you drive your own campervan, tow a caravan, carry a tent or are happy to share a bunkhouse, we have you covered. Onsite facilities tend to be basic but remember that the cost per night is not exactly going to break the bank. Camping, glamping, hostals and bunkhouses are a great way to meet like minded individuals who enjoy getting back to basics and enjoying some of natures masterpieces.