Take back control of your business

Take back control of your business and stop giving OTA’s your money.

Serious Sleeps is quite simply a better way of marketing your business directly to your guests. We may not be the largest advertiser out there, but we are on your side.


Are you one of the tens of thousands of hoteliers and accommodation owners who are not happy with the return on advertising investment  from your current advertising partners?


The Problem Faced By Hoteliers & Accommodation Owners

Marketing for the lodging industry has become overrun by a number of OTA (Online Travel Agent) companies who dictate the commission they want, how much you will charge and they even let you take care of the overbooking scenarios which they cause.

Unfortunately, many independent hoteliers and owners have little choice than to sign up with these advertisers in order to gain traction and occupancy. This  short-sighted option has been forced upon you, even though it has been proven to decrease room prices. It can also ruin customer satisfaction levels, due to their expectations not being met.


The Challenge

Experienced hoteliers and owners know that ‘managing expectations’ is key to having happy guests who will provide genuine testimonials. Independent establishments care about the long term growth of their business. They take pride in what they do, take care of their guests and guard their reputation ferociously.

Receiving the ‘wrong guest’, whose expectations are not aligned with the services you provide, is a swift way to turn one night’s income into a death spiral. This client may not be a horrible or negative person, they are just disappointed and feel let down. If the advertised property isn’t at least as good in real life as the description says it is, they feel cheated.

Serious Sleeps is a peer reviewed platform which orientates your clients before they book. We will help you to manage expectations of clients prior to arrival, so that expectations are fulfilled in accordance with what your establishment offers.



The Solution

Serious Sleeps is a platform which has been specifically designed for independent hoteliers and accommodation owners (B & B, guesthouse, lodges,  boutique hotels and vacation home properties). There will be no big name hotels or unlicensed accommodations.

In a world full of reviews, some of which are not fair, accurate or even real, we envisage a world where hoteliers retain far more control of their businesses, their profits and their reputations.


Until now there have been no platforms available which allow hoteliers to do this successfully.


Serious Sleeps - honest reviews for hoteliers

The team behind Serious Sleeps been involved with the tourism and accommodation market for well over 30 years and we completely understand what you have to deal with and how it affects your bottom line.


To misquote a famous English advertising campaign from the 1990’s

“Serious Sleeps does exactly what it says on the tin!”

We do not charge a commission, we do not even take bookings on your behalf. Our job is simply to drive paying guests in your direction in exchange for a minimal annual fee.