Your Solution For Managing Guest Expectations

Your Solution For Managing Guest Expectations

It may sound a little obvious, but being honest and not overselling your business may be the best thing that you can do. Too many businesses promote the latest catchword into their advertising. A place where, for the most part, it does not belong or more to the point doesn’t exist!


Honesty is the best way forward.

A quaint countryside or beach-side business should never try to advertise itself as  5 star hotel in a city centre. You will get a client that probably cancels when they realise you are not what they thought. Worse still, is that they turn up and find out how completely their expectations have not been met. What would be the point?

Yes, we agree that the above is an exaggeration, however far too many companies profess to be something which they are not. A home-cooked meal is not an a la carte restaurant in the same way that saying that your accommodation is ideal for business travellers when you have a poor internet connection.

So what if you do not have a Michelin star, the vast majority of people prefer home made food anyway. Do not target your business at people who rely on the internet if you cannot provide it. Instead cater for people who are only going to use the internet to keep in touch with friends and family.


Your Solution For Managing Guest Expectations

We all like to think that we understand what our clients want, unfortunately many times we fail appallingly.

Take the time and assess what your business actually offers, and then compare that to the clients you receive. The differences could be eye opening.

Our referral system is Your Solution For Managing Guest Expectations. It allows independent owners and managers to give you their professional opinion on your business. They key s to utlise this information to improve your business, These referrals benefit all of our owners because it creates a degree of honesty which is often missing from our industry.

If your business has a great reputation why would you jeopardise that by recommending one of your clients to stay in another business when you know that it will not meet their expectations. Simply put, you wouldn’t!

If you want to be referred or wish to refer another company, it is in everyone’s interest to be honest. It may hurt a little, but in the long run, it remains the best way forward.